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Tekken 3 is the best PlayStation game to come along in a long time.

Some of the PlayStation's biggest moments have centered around a Tekken game. Tekken 1 was released a few months after the PlayStation hit shelves and propelled the system to stardom. Tekken 2 came along, and was another "better-than-perfect" translation of the arcade version, adding modes and what were some of the most amazing FMV sequences available at the time. Tekken 3 has caused much debate prior to its release, as it was slated to be the first Tekken game that wouldn't be a perfect translation. While the backgrounds aren't quite as sharp (they're 2D) as the arcade version, the PlayStation version of Tekken 3 more than makes up for this with additional modes, state-of-the-art FMV, and some of the best fighting to be found anywhere.
Mode-wise, Tekken 3 contains all the modes from Tekken 2. Time attack, team battle, practice mode, and survival mode are all there, and haven't changed a bit. Tekken Force mode is a four-level side-scrolling mode that pits players against tons of ninjas. While it seems like a really neat idea, in practice Tekken Force mode isn't all that great. You can waltz right through the four levels very easily using only the right kick button. Beat Force mode four times, and you'll unlock Dr. Boskonovitch, one of the game's two PlayStation-only characters. Tekken Ball mode draws a few lines in the sand and turns the fighting game into a crazy version of volleyball. Players bat a beach ball back and forth with attacks. Hitting the ball with a special attack transfers the energy of that attack into the ball, giving it an eerie glow. If the opposing player gets hit with the ball, he takes damage. If a player lets the ball drop, he takes damage there as well. Theater mode lets you watch all the Tekken 3 FMV sequences that you've unlocked so far. It also lets you pop in Tekken 2 and check out all the FMV in there, too.

The gameplay is identical to the arcade. Every move, combo, and character has been transferred over, and a couple of new characters have been added in as well. The aforementioned Dr. Boskonovitch is the scientist that appears in Yoshimitsu's Tekken 2 ending. Unfortunately, the good doctor has suffered some pretty bad spinal injuries and is unable to stand up for more than a few seconds. So you must fight from the ground with all sorts of strange kicking attacks. Gon is a tiny dinosaur from a Japanese comic. He breathes fire, electrifies his body, and passes gas. Gon's limbs are so short, you're never quite sure where his attacks are coming from. Both PlayStation exclusive characters are a waste of space. Dr. B is slightly interesting, but Gon simply has no place in the game at all. Whenever someone picks Gon, it not only makes me want to not play that match, but it also makes me want to just shut the entire game off.

Tekken 3 presents itself incredibly well. The sound effects are terrific, and the music is nothing short of amazing. From a graphical standpoint, Tekken 3 can't be beat. While the polygon count may have been slightly reduced and the backgrounds made 2D, it still looks absolutely incredible. It is definitely the high water mark for graphics on the PlayStation.

Not much stands between Tekken 3 and a perfect 10 score. If the PlayStation exclusive characters were better and Force mode a bit more enthralling, it could have come closer to a perfect score. Needless to say, Tekken 3 is the best PlayStation game to come along in a long time, and this one won't be topped anytime soon.

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http://101videogames.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/tekken-2-11.jpgicon Tekken 2 for Zinc

Tekken 2 Review

The undeniable king of fighting games is here, and it's time to break bones and necks.
Wickedly sick action, amazingly fast gameplay, mother of all.... What more is there to say? Tekken 2 rules! The undeniable king of fighting games is here, and it's time to break bones and necks - not to mention the controller after Angel Kazuya toasts you alive with her eye laser.
This sequel features a variety of new moves, characters, backgrounds, and other improvements. Characters are more detailed, and Namco has imbued them with new features, like head movement. In addition to having twice as many moves, combos, and throws, most characters also now have at least three different ten-string combos. In addition to the original selection of moves, "counter throws" have been added, allowing a few of the characters to grab an inbound punch or kick and perform a defensive throw. The most noticeable enhancement however, is the light sourcing - the Playstation can seemingly make light appear from anywhere during the battle. The game has 25 playable fighters who ALL have endings (when you first begin the game only ten playable fighters are available, but for every time you beat the game you receive a new playable character).
If you like fighting games at all, you will love Tekken 2. The graphics and fluid character movement will astound and amaze. The simple control format allows inexperienced players to begin play immediately with minimal effort, and will keep the interest of expert players for months - thanks to the game's complex system of moves and combos. Tekken 2 gives you more than your money's worth.

Requirements: No special requirements

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icon Tekken Advance for GBA 


The Game Play in Tekken Advance is similar to other games in the series, but due to its portable nature, it leaves inputs simplified or removed altogether. It utilizes a single-input system, with punch mapped to the A button, kick to the B button, and the left and right triggers used for tagging and throws, respectively. The game also included a side-step feature that made the game have a 3D feel like Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance also did later the same year.

Despite the simplification, Tekken Advance introduces new Mechanics as well as old, by implementing a wide range of "stun" variations such as "pop stuns", "crumple stuns" and right/left stuns.
Requirements: No special requirements

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